Armonía - Mexico

Armonía is a Mexican, service-based,non-governmental organization working with some of the country's poorest urban and rural communities. Founded on Christian principles by the late Saul Cruz and his wife Pilar, its purpose is to transform poverty into an abundant, complete, and dignified life. Armonía has now become an international movement of Christians commitment to the poor and is currently being led by its co-founder and director Pilar Cruz and assistant director Saul Jr.

Armonía has three Christian transformation centers-Santa Cruz, Presidentes, and Jalalpa-in some of the poorest areas of Mexico City. In these centers, Armonía is involved with children's clubs, health clinics, biblical training, nutrition programs, worship meetings, and more.

The Armonía Indigenous Mexican Scholars (AIMS) program offers scholarships and a place to live to indigenous students from southern Mexico to enable them to go to high school and college.

Alex and Suzanne Sarran - Lyon, France

The Sarrans are planting a church near the center of Lyon, which is the second largest urban area in France, behind Paris. The church-plant is still at a pioneer stage, as the congregation is made up of about forty-five people and still lacks a proper session of elders and a meeting place where it can become established in the city. The Sarrans are involved in different kinds of outreach, from personal evangelism to public events in coffee shops, but most of all, they are convinced that the ordinary, prayerful, and persistent preaching of the Word of God will transform lives, families, and communities, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the small congregation would continue to grow, that God would raise up leaders, and that a permanent, functional, visible meeting place would be found. Pray that many of the church-plant's contacts would come to know Christ, despite the amount of cultural prejudice that French people have against the Bible.

Joel and Stephanie - Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a growing city with aviation, aerospace, and high-tech industries. There are over 120,000 university students and many young professionals. Like much of France, the spiritual climate is resistant, even post-Christian-yet Joel & Stephanie Swanson, along with their team, find many opportunities to share the love of Christ. They are working to re-establish a reformed, evangelical church near the city center and also lay groundwork for a new congregation in the western suburbs. As believers better understand the Gospel of grace, they pray that the abundant life in Jesus Christ will overflow into the lives of their family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the broader city.

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Seima and Naoka Aoyagi - Tokyo, Japan

Grace Harbor Church is a new church in Toyosu, a man-made island and a square mile section of the Tokyo Waterfront, a new area in the center of Tokyo made up of seven man-made islands spanning two square miles. Toyosu is at the center of this waterfront area. The condos, transit, shopping area, and children's museum make Toyosu a new family magnet. Grace City Church decided to send Seima Aoyagi to start a new church in this fast growing, family friendly area of Tokyo Harbor.

Grace Harbor Church in Toyosu (an area with 150,000 people without any church) was planted two years ago, They intentionally target of non-Christians, building relationship and sharing the Gospel with people who have never been heard the gospel before. They have about 50 adults and 20 kids gathering each Sunday.

The Tokyo Waterfront area will be at the center of the 2020 Olympics. The population of the Tokyo Waterfront area is projected to rise from 130,000 to 200,000 by 2020. Grace Harbor Church meets in a movie theater on the third floor of Toyosu's main shopping complex.

Matt and Caroline Newkirk - Nagoya, Japan

Matt and Caroline Newkirk serve with Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya, Japan. The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world, and CBS provides theological education and ministerial training to equip believers to take the gospel all throughout Japan. At the seminary, Matt serves as professor of Old Testament, and the entire Newkirk family is honored to come alongside local church planting efforts in Nagoya, which is one of the most unchurched cities in the country.

CBS is part of a larger ministry organization called Christ Bible Institute, which has a vision to ENGAGE Japanese society with the gospel (Heart & Soul Café), EXPAND the Kingdom of God through church planting (All Nations Fellowship), and EQUIP Japanese Christian leaders for ministry (Christ Bible Seminary).

Robert and Lisa Stewart - Shin-Urayasu, Japan

Best known as the home of Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu City was once a small fishing village on Tokyo Bay. But a coastal land-reclamation project expanded its area fourfold, bringing rapid growth and an influx of young people and families. When an MTW team moved into the Shin Urayasu target area, there was no church in this new community - not surprising in a country where only 0.3 percent of the population identify as evangelical Christians.

With God's help, things are beginning to change. Through the Tokyo Bay Team community church-planting efforts, Shin-Urayasu Grace Church had its first worship service in 2012. The church is establishing itself in the community as they seek to love God, love each other and the community. Their prayer is that the Shin-Urayasu church will become the first of many, and from within that network of churches young Japanese church planters can be identified, trained, and sent out.

Robert and Lisa Stewart, with their children William and Isabel, are a part of this MTW church-planting work in Japan. In 2009, the Stewarts were invited to join the newly formed MTW Tokyo Bay team as assistant church planters. They moved to Shin-Urayasu City in 2011 eager to see a church started in a town that had no churches.

Robert continues to build relationships through involvement in a men's group in the community, church outreach, and a men's Bible study. He teaches three mornings a week at Covenant Community School International to give educational support to their children as well as the children of other MTW families working the Tokyo area. Lisa is focused on building relationships with other moms through play groups, cooking classes, and Bible study. They love hospitality and their home is often filled with kids playing and other families for dinner.

Pray that God would call many Japanese to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and that Shin-Urayasu Grace Church would be a thriving, Christ-centered church committed to reaching the community, Japan, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

Ryan and Heidi Fraser - Brazil

Ryan and Heidi joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2016 and are currently building a team of people to partner with them in their Wycliffe ministry both financially and in prayer. They look forward to serving the Trawler* people of Brazil. A Bible translator was serving the Trawler people but after battling cancer, passed away leaving the Trawler with only portions of the Scriptures. There is a small but growing number of Trawler Christians who desire to have the full Word of God in their own heart language. The Scriptures would be both for the Trawler Christians to learn and grow in their faith and for the rest of their people who do not yet know the Lord. Ryan and Heidi will be working with the Trawler to translate God’s Word into their language. (*Pseudonym)

Fred and Arlene Jonkman - Quito, Ecuador

Fred and Arlene along with their six children left St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in August 1997 after spending three years at Reformed Theological Seminary. After a year of language studies they headed to Ecuador to help spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. When they arrived in 1998, the Reformed witness in Ecuador was very weak and small. In 2000, they helped to plant La Iglesia Reformada de la Gracia in Quito. This church now has a strong leadership team and a congregation which has grown in spiritual maturity, knowledge, and the desire to reach others. In January 2016, they began to help this church plant a daughter church in Ibarra, a town two hours north of Quito. Fred and the leaders travel to Ibarra weekly to disciple this new group.

In 2006 a Reformed Bible Institute (CRETE) was started and there are now to seven study centres throughout Ecuador where about eighty Ecuadorians are being trained for the work of the ministry. The head office and center is in Quito. The first graduate of CRETE is the pastor in their church in Quito and a professor in the seminary. Another graduate is a professor and is also in charge of the seminary. A third graduate is in charge of the Reformed study center in the main prison in Ecuador and he has forty-five students among the inmates. Fred and Arlene both teach courses in the Bible Institute.

In 2002, Fred and Arlene helped to start an outreach ministry in Quininde, where together with members of their church they are taking the gospel and bringing humanitarian aid to eight marginal communities. They have children's projects in three marginal communities where they work with 350 children and their families. The Gospel is taught and physical and spiritual needs of the families are taken care of. The Lord has been gracious and many have come to know him through this ministry. Outreach work is also being done in six rural communities. In several of these communities there are groups of believers who gather together to worship on the Lord's Day and two new churches are being planted. In 2017 they plan to build a small medical clinic to better help meet the medical and spiritual needs of the people in this community.

God is building his church in Ecuador and the Jonkmans are so privileged, together with all our supporters, to be a part of this work.

Jimmy and Erin - South Asia

Jimmy and Erin serve on a church planting team working among an unreached people group in South Asia. They help shepherd and mentor the leaders of a small emerging network of believers in this restricted-access nation. We are also partnering with these leaders to help create print, audio, and video resources for evangelism, discipleship, and leader training, in order to equip them to reach their own people with the good news.

Jonathan and Maggie - South Asia

Jonathan and Maggie are part of a church planting team in South Asia. Their team partners with a local Presbyterian denomination to assist Indians in theological training, discipleship, coaching, and resourcing for church planters. They are also planting an urban church among young professionals.

Maggie assists with women's ministries among church planters wives while also running a household and raising and homeschooling their five daughters, Annie, Lily, Ada, Amelia, and Eleanor.

Eric and Sara-Beth - South Asia

Eric and Sara-Beth's two-family team in South Asia is training and teaching a Presbyterian denomination that is located in the nearby hill tracts. It is a small people group that is not only one of the few Christians in the area, but also one of only a few Presbyterian groups in the whole area. Due to living restrictions in the hill tract area, they are living in a large city (5-7 million) a couple of hours away. It is a mostly a muslim city. While they continue to learn the language and culture in this city, they are also seeking to be a Christian presence to the largest unreached people group in the world that lives here as well as the many small people groups that also live in this city.

Dan and Tawnny - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dan and Tawnny were members at St. Paul's for many years. They are missionaries with The JESUS Film Project - a ministry of Cru. The JESUS Film is used by more than 1500 missions organizations and denominations around the world to communicate the Gospel to people in their own language, disciple new believers, help plant churches, and train and equip pastors. Dan manages the information technology department for The JESUS Film Project here in Orlando.

Dan and Tawnny and their four children are scheduled to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the summer of 2017 where they will continue working with The JESUS Film Project. Dan will be training and equipping local believers to record the JESUS film in the many local languages that do not yet have Gospel materials available.

Dan and Tawnny have four children: Lola Grace, Elliott, Jedediah and Tobias.

Asia Minor Partners: Pastors Yavuz and Turgay - Turkey

Asia Minor Partners (AMP) is a transcultural network of churches and individuals dedicated to helping reformation Christianity prosper and grow throughout Asia Minor. Its vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ flourish through a locally-led movement of believers, pastors, and teachers who demonstrate the love of Christ based on a deep understanding of Middle Eastern culture.

AMP embraces an innovative model to gospel ministry which emphasizes partnership between Western churches and national pastors and their congregations in the Middle East. It is governed by a council with representatives from supporting churches in the West (predominantly within the Presbyterian Church of America), and from the churches in the Middle East.

As the partners learn from brothers and sisters in a different culture, and they work hand-in-hand to this end, they anticipate that their own hearts and minds and churches will be enlightened and brought to greater maturity. Submitting to one another in Christ, ministry partners commit to active collaboration, mutual accountability, and the establishment of enduring relationships that form the essential basis for an organization that must expect to face overwhelming challenges over an extended period of time. Partners seek to combine and optimize their organizational, financial, and spiritual resources, anticipating that over time each will give and receive, each will teach and learn, and each will minister and serve.

AMP currently supports two national pastors and their churches, in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, and in Ankara, the country's capital. These strategic centers allow AMP to exert influence throughout that country, and from there throughout the Middle East and islamic world.