ST. PAUL'S Beginnings

Our Name:   St. Paul’s Church borrows its name from the premier Apostle of the early church. It is so named because we seek to honor the vision set forth in the New Testament by Paul, the Apostle, the Missionary, the Theologian, the Pastor. In Paul and his teaching we see the central focus upon Jesus and His redemptive work on our behalf. We see the cross as the center of our theology.

How it Began:  During the spring of 1991, some thirty people attended a meeting to explore the possibilities of beginning a new church. Most had grown dissatisfied with their worship experiences and were consciously seeking to understand the nature of worship.

At that first meeting, all were convinced of the need to recapture the historical liturgical traditions and forms that had invigorated the church, and particularly reformed churches, in previous ages. What was rich and vital in the souls of believers then might prove to be so again in our day. These included:

(1) A focus of attention upon God's transcendence, having a holy awe of His sovereign majesty as One who is to be highly exalted; and on His immanence, one who comes near to dwell among those upon whom He has set His affection.

(2) Worshiping a beautiful God through the expression of worship aesthetics, emphasizing particular styles of music and liturgical symbols.

(3) Exegetical preaching extolling the supremacy of God, his character and attributes, the authority of Scripture, and a dependency on prayer.

These and other governing ideas were to define the worship life of this group who intended to create holy time and holy space in the midst of a desperately fallen world. During the summer, Pastor Mike Malone was called by the group to move to Orlando and become the founding pastor of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, soon to become a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

By September 8, 1991, just four months after the initial meeting, Pastor Malone conducted the first morning worship service at the Kress Memorial Church. God has seen fit to favor the founding vision. St. Paul's has maintained her distinctives, growing in depth, maturity, and appreciation for the rich heritage that now permeates the life of the congregation.

On April 13, 2003, following an extensive property search in the Winter Park/north of downtown Orlando which lasted several years, the St. Paul's congregation celebrated worship in it's newly renovated facility on Eli Street. Formerly Temple Israel, a jewish synagogue, St. Paul's purchased the property in October of 2000 but did not "close" on the property until December 31, 2002 to allow the temple time to relocate. Renovations began on January 1, 2003 and by Palm Sunday, we were worshiping in our new home.

In April 2006, Pastor Mike Malone informed the elders of his growing conviction that his gift as a pastor was to help smaller congregations establish a firm foundation for growth, just as he had done so effectively for St. Paul’s. In keeping with that conviction, he responded a call from Christ the King PCA in Vero Beach, Florida to be their pastor.

With Pastor Malone’s departure, a search for a new Senior Pastor was begun. Some two years later, the congregation of St. Paul’s Church called Rev. Frank Cavalli to be its Senior Pastor. Pastor Frank was installed in February 2008.

Key historical dates:

 Spring 1991

Core Group First Meeting

 Summer 1991

Rev. Mike Malone called as founding Pastor

 Fall 1991

First Morning Worship at Kress Memorial Church

 1991 - 2003

Worship at Kress Memorial

 December 31, 2002

Purchase and begin renovations on Temple Israel facility

 April 13, 2003

First Sunday in new Eli Street facility (Palm Sunday)

 April, 2006

Founding Pastor Mike Malone leaves to Pastor a new church

 February, 2008

Rev. Frank Cavalli called to be St. Paul’s new Senior Pastor

 August, 2018

Rev. Justin Borger called to be St. Paul’s new Senior Pastor