Chaplain Dan and Shirley Matsche - Canon City, CO

Dan serves as a chaplain with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry in two prisons in Canon City, Colorado. He has what he calls a "ministry of presence" and is known to the inmate population and many of the staff as a man of God who they can be comfortable speaking with. His love for his men and his love for the Lord Jesus and his word are used to minister truth to those who so desperately need to hear it. He ministers in the cell houses, on the prison yard, in the prison visiting room, and in his chaplain's office. Dan teaches weekly Bible classes, leads church services, gives one-on-one counseling sessions with both inmates and staff, and also handles emergency notifications, informing inmates of the severe sickness or death of a family member.

Shirley ministers with him on Sundays during their prison worship services where she uses her wonderful gift of singing: sharing the gospel through special music, for which the men are so appreciative. She also handles much of the administrative tasks associated with their ministry.

Rev. Miles - CRFC State Prison: Orlando, FL

Miles is an assistant pastor at St. Paul's with a special emphasis in prison ministry. He is entirely self-supporting and receives no staff compensation from St. Paul's.

Ministering inside the large state prison east of Orlando, Miles provides worship services with verse by verse expository preaching. As an extension of St. Paul's, these services reflect aspects of corporate worship at St. Paul's.

Ministering outside of prison, Miles provides employment counseling to the formerly incarcerated and newly released from area prisons. On many occasions, this includes life-skills counseling.

Andy and Kelly West - Orlando, FL

Andy and Kelly have served with the high school ministry of Cru since 1984. Cru is all about connecting teenagers to Jesus Christ! Teenagers are the future leaders and parents of our nation and world, and they are a major influence in today's society, both for good and bad. Teens are also the most responsive age group to the gospel, as over 80 percent of those who receive Christ do so by age 18.

Imagine a spiritual movement of teenagers living out a contagious faith in Christ at every school. Since 1967, Cru has specialized in impacting the youth culture and taking the gospel to their world.

Teenagers are leading movements of evangelism and discipleship that touch schools and communities for Christ. Andy and Kelly want to challenge teens to take the next step in their spiritual journeys and they train students to become missionaries to their peers.

Lee and Sarah Wright - RUF at UCF - Orlando, FL

Lee Wright serves as the campus minister of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). RUF is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America and to date is on over 150 campuses across the nation. RUF at UCF reaches over 120 students at the second largest college campus in the United States with over 63,000 students.

RUF is on campus at the University of Central Florida in order to reach and equip students for Christ. This is done by giving them the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ in large group meetings with preaching, worship, and prayer; small groups with Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship; and one-on-one meetings where students are able to grow in their knowledge of Jesus, be furthered in their vocation, and gain wisdom in order to best approach the world.

The success of RUF is best measured ten-fifteen years after students are involved with RUF. Are students in love with Jesus? Are they engaged in the local church? Are they productive members of the local body by serving and encouraging Christ's body? In these three areas, Lee and Sarah will measure the success of their outreach and discipleship.